Homemade Microwave Kettle Corn

Tired of buying bags of kettle corn at the store?  I switched over to using my hot air popper to make popcorn with a bit of popcorn oil and a few shakes of kettle corn seasoning and that was pretty good for a while.  Then I ran out of kettle corn seasoning, and couldn't find a place to buy it.  That brought me to the internet because I was sure that I could make my own.  It's just salt and sugar, right?

Instead what I found was this super easy method of making kettle corn in the microwave.  It's quick and there's no pot to clean at the end.  However it does take a bit of experimentation to figure out how long to  microwave it.  Listen carefully the first time you make it--when the popping slows so that there's 1-2 seconds between pops, hit the stop button and record the time.  Warning: addictive!

Homemade Microwave Kettle Corn
From The Yummy Life
Makes 8 cups of popped popcorn

1 Tblsp butter
1 Tblsp canola oil
2 Tblsp brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 cup popcorn kernels

In a 2.5 quart glass or pyrex bowl combine the butter, oil and sugar.  Microwave 45 seconds until the butter is just melted. Remove the bowl from the microwave and add the popcorn kernels.  Stir to coat each kernel with the butter mixture.  Shake the bowl so that the kernels form an even layer on the bottom of the bowl.

Cover with a plastic vented microwave lid (easily purchased at Target). Microwave for 3-4 minutes or until the pops slow so that there is 1-2 seconds between pops.  Stop the microwave and remove the bowl using oven mitts. Stir and serve immediately - careful, it's hot!