How to Peel and Chop an Onion

Many recipes call for a chopped onion, which can be a daunting task (not to mention risky, since onions are slippery little things) unless you have a good approach. This is my preferred method.

If chopping onions makes you cry, try a pair of onion goggles.  Not fashionable, but they work.

Onion Goggles

Another method you might consider is cubing the onion and dropping into a food processor with enough water to cover the onions.  Pulse until the onion is chopped and then drain in a colander.  This is not my preferred method of chopping an onion because the pieces are of an uneven size and sometimes, if you go too far with it, you end up with onion purée.

My last suggestion for the onion-averse is to stock up on bags of pre-chopped onions in the frozen vegetable section of your local supermarket.


  1. Terrific video! I just wanted to add that I find it easier to peel the onion after I've trimmed the ends off.


  2. Yes, so true. I guess I forgot to do that. (Camera anxiety?) I thought I had just picked an onion with the tightest skin in the world for this video!


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