Why I'm writing this blog

Moi?  Write a food blog?  Why?

More importantly, who would want to read it?

And yet, once the idea lodged itself in my mind, I could not deny that I just might have something to say on the subject of food once in a while.  Or maybe every few days.

The germ for the idea arrived when my sister-in-law, the best cook in our family, asked me if she could have some of my favorite recipes.  Her request surprised me.  Was it possible that she thought I had something to contribute to her superior culinary knowledge?


I had also just completed making a family cookbook with all my in-laws favorite family recipes (as ranked by my husband.)  My family hasn't really left me a food legacy, but theirs did.  The wheels were starting to turn in my mind about how I would want to leave my recipes to my children.  A food blog could be just the thing.

Let me just say here that I have no formal training as a chef.  I'm just a curious home cook with a hungry family of five.  I try lots of recipes and add liberal doses of my own "improvements".  I've been doing this for years.  Decades, really.  And yet sometimes I have to stop and think, "Now, what exactly do I know how to make?"  This blog, then, serves as a record of what I've tried and how I modified it from the original recipe.  You will also find equipment and book recommendations, tips and techniques.  And even if it never finds a wider audience, I feel certain that my children will appreciate this compendium of all the foods from their childhood, one day.  You know--when they turn forty or fifty.

Enjoy!  And happy eating.