Thursday, July 14, 2011

Madeleine's Fish Tacos

We first had fish tacos in Hawaii.  They were marvelous.  Occasionally we will have them now at Tin Fish near Lake Calhoun.  But last night, I decided that we needed a home version.

Summer is a great time for fish tacos with a little tartar sauce, some greens and a squirt of lime juice.  Enjoy!

Madeleine's Fish Tacos
Serves 4

1 lb catfish fillets (or another kind of firm white fish, such as tilapia)
seasoning salt (I use Old Bay)
1 cup cornmeal (use gluten-free cornmeal for a g-free version)
2 Tblsp high-heat vegetable oil (safflower, peanut, or high-heat canola)
1 onion, chopped
3 Tblsp cilantro, chopped
8 corn tortillas (8" in diameter)
salad greens
tartar sauce
lime wedges

Wash the fish and pat it dry.  Cut each fillet into 4 pieces.  Sprinkle each piece with seasoning salt and dredge it in the cornmeal to coat evenly.  Set aside.

Heat the vegetable oil in a large heavy skillet.  (Use an oil rated for high temperatures to keep the smoking to a minimum.)  Fry the onion over medium heat until it is translucent and slightly yellow.  Add cilantro and salt to taste.  Remove the fried onions to a bowl and set aside.

Add a little more oil to the skillet and fry the catfish pieces in two batches.  While they cook, wrap the tortillas in foil and heat them in a 300 degree oven for ten minutes.  Put the catfish pieces on a plate when they are done.  They should be golden brown.

To assemble, put two tortillas on each plate.  Add salad greens, onions, and a piece of catfish to each tortilla.  Season with tartar sauce and serve with a lime wedge.

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